Where to Keep an Eye? Russia – Ukraine or U.S. FOMC March Meeting?; March 15, 2022

Where to Keep an Eye? Russia – Ukraine or U.S. FOMC March Meeting???

The conflicts between Russia and Ukraine is still putting up pressure on the Global Financial Markets as Russia is very firm on its invasion in Ukraine and no mutual talk held between the two countries gave fruitfull results.

The fourth round of talks ended without a breakthrough after several hours, with an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying the negotiators took “a technical pause” and planned to meet again Tuesday. On the other end, Russia keeps up attacks in Ukraine. Any decision towards “PEACE” will give further volatility to the Financial Markets.

Let’s not forget the U.S. FOMC Fed March meeting due tomorrow as it is long awaited because Fed committed to change interest rate for the first time after March 2020. Now the big question will be how much rise in interest rate will be given by Fed?Will it be 25BP, 50BP or 75BP? Markets anticipate only 25BP interest rate hike to 0.50. In addition, Traders eye U.S. Economic Projections and strategies to shrink U.S. Balance Sheet. All togather will definitely give further directions to the U.S. dollar and Gold too.

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