Today’s Latest News on Russia – Ukraine; May 17, 2022

Today’s Latest News on Russia – Ukraine:

Since Feb 25, 2022 till today, the key worldwide concern is ongoing Russia – Ukraine conflicts only. The Day by day it is getting worst only.

Let’s have a look on key headlines from Russia – Ukraine war:

  • Russia’s defence ministry said on Tuesday that its missiles destroyed US and European arms shipments in Ukraine’s western Lviv region. (Reuters).
  • Russia says 265 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered at Azovstal: Defence ministry – Timesofindia.
  • Ukrainian city of Lviv rocked by number of very loud explosions, reports AP – Timesofindia.
  • Ukraine’s military said on Tuesday it was working to evacuate all remaining troops from their last stronghold in the besieged port of Mariupol, ceding control of the city to Russia after months of bombardment. The evacuation likely marked the end of the longest and bloodiest battle of the Ukraine war and a significant defeat for Ukraine – Timesofindia.
  • Japan respects Sweden’s decision to join Nato, says govt spokesman (Reuters) – Timesofindia.
  • Ukraine’s Interior Ministry adviser Vadim Denisenko had earlier told a television network in the country that Kyiv’s troops in the Kharkiv region had almost reached the border with Russia – NDTV.
  • At a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin, Germany’s Annalena Baerbock said it would provide military assistance “for as long as Ukraine needs this support for the self-defence of its country” – NDTV.
  • The finance ministers of the Group of Seven economic powers want to put together a 15 billion euro ($15.80 billion) aid package for Ukraine at their meeting in Bonn this week, a senior German government official said on Tuesday – Reuters.
  • The Kremlin said on Tuesday it would be “outright theft” for the Group of Seven economic powers and European Union to seize Russia’s frozen reserves and spend them on behalf of Ukraine – Reuters.
  • The Group of Seven major Western powers banned transactions with Russia’s central bank and froze its assets held in their jurisdictions, worth around $300 billion, after Russia launched what it called its special military operation in Ukraine in February – Reuters.
  • he Russian rouble weakened on Tuesday, stepping away from near five-year highs against the euro, after the central bank eased some capital controls that were the main driver of its strength in the past few weeks – Reuters.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed the situation on the front line of Ukraine’s war with Russia on Tuesday and also the possibility of increasing sanctions pressure on Moscow – Reuters.
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for U.S. allies to step up financial support for Ukraine on Tuesday, saying that funds announced so far would not be sufficient for the country’s short-term needs as it battles a Russian invasion – Reuters.

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