The Latest Market Mover: An Updated New Covid Virus Variant; Nov 26, 2021

The Latest Market Mover: An Updated New Covid Virus Variant

  • It is found in South Africa and named as B.1.1.529; an updated version of Covid – 19 only.
  • According to the scientists, a new virus carries a high number of mutations in its spike protein, which plays a key role in the virus’ entry into cells in the body.
  • Research is going on to determine whether it is more transmissible or more deadly than previous ones.
  • Till today there are almost 100 cases detected in South Africa.
  • The U.K. issued a temporary ban on flights from six African countries, and Australia said it wouldn’t rule out tightening border rules for travelers from southern Africa if the situation escalates.
  • India too imposes screening of incoming travelers from South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong.
  • According to WHO – “There are fewer than 100 whole genomic sequences of the new variant available, which could add to the time it takes to study it as well as how well current vaccines work against it. Viruses mutate all the time, with the changes sometimes making the virus weaker or sometimes making it more adept at evading antibodies and infecting humans.”

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