No Technical – No Fundamental, Just Keep an Eye Open on the Next Move of Russia – Ukraine Ongoing War; March 03, 2022

No Technical – No Fundamental, Just Keep an Eye Open on the Next Move of Russia – Ukraine Ongoing War

Today is the seventh day of Russia – Ukraine ongoing hazard and calamities over there are unbearable. Day by day, Russia keeps its intention for invasion rigid. The talk held between two countries failed to bring any fruitful results for the rest of the world.
The next biggest fear is regarding Russia’s Nuclear Strike. “Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the weekend that his nation’s nuclear forces should be put on high alert, raising fears that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to nuclear escalation.”

Nuclear Strike is something we had read in history but the effects of it will spread across the world and financial markets will be the key victim of it. No one knows about the Russia’s next move but one thing is very much sure that Russia will not step back from the war. It’s a Do or Die situation for both the countries.

A senior U.S. Defense Department official said in a briefing on Sunday that Putin invoking Russia’s nuclear capability was “not only an unnecessary step for him to take but an escalatory one.” And NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called the order “irresponsible,” telling US broadcaster CNN that “this is dangerous rhetoric.”

Let’s check the history first. As per the various records and news, Russia had 6,257 nuclear warheads in 2021. That makes it the country with the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, followed by the United States, which had 5,500 nuclear warheads in 2021.

As of September 2021, Russia had 1,458 nuclear warheads deployed on intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and strategic bombers. That’s the most recent number available through, a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the U.S. and Russia that involves sharing up-to-date nuclear warhead figures every six months.

We assume that Putin made his controversial statements as a reminder to the world that Russia is a nuclear power country that will not step backward despite hardest economic sanctions imposed on Russia by different countries. Modern nuclear weapons are significantly more powerful than the atomic bombs which the U.S. dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Russia’s long-range strategic nuclear weapons can reach anywhere on the globe.

Still there is no clear understanding of what exactly the statement means and how serious the Putin is regarding it. Just be updated yourself with the latest progress of Russia – Ukraine move and have a safe trading by avoiding long positions in any of the Financial Instruments.

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