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Trading Precious Metals

Spot Metal Trading occupies a special place in Trader’s heart. Since the ancient time till today’s technological generation, we have seen that Metals attract traders worldwide. TP Global gives you the lowest ever spreads in different metals depending on your core interest and choice.

Gold Trading

Gold Trading

Since ancient times, gold has proven its track record due to its worldwide acceptance as security in crisis, making of gold jewels, just as secure investments, easy trading, almost zero maintenance cost and price stability. Celebrate the lowest spreads with minimum lot size for the Gold trading. TRADING

0.01 Lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Gold
Silver Trading

Silver Trading

The second most popular traded metal is Silver, as it is widely used in energy, healthcare to the technology industry. Traders add Silver to their portfolio to diversify it and to take the price advantage due to the growing industrial demand. TRADING

0.01 Lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Silver
Copper Trading

Copper Trading

Nowadays, traders have significantly changed their perspectives regarding commodity trading and copper is one of the best examples of it. The key usage of copper is to conduct electricity and heat. Due to copper’s wide range of global uses, it’s a high-demand metal. TRADING

0.01 Lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Copper


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The Benefits of Trading in Precious Metals

Time has changed so rapidly but the importance of metal trading has not lost its charm due to its special characteristics and growing innovative use in different industries.


Day by day, the volume in metal trading is growing and more people are joining the Decentralised Metal Trading exchange just because of the easy accessibility and to generate profits out of their knowledge on Metals. 

Let’s look up for the key benefits to trade on Metals:

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