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Islamic Accounts

With us, you learn and enjoy the best trading experience, all swap-free!

Education In trading

Learn, explore, and start by creating your own halal trading account!

Swap-free option

Immediate currency transfer and transaction payment, with zero interests.

Low and no spreads

Any activities of gambling and payment of interests are strictly prohibited.


Eliminates non-halal charges like interests to provide you with the best Islamic forex trading experience.

What is an Islamic or swap-free account?

An Islamic or Swap-Free account is a ‘100% Halal’ Forex account that complies with the Shari’ah law of Riba, the prohibition of any kind of interest. However, please note that there are instances when some Islamic or swap-free accounts might charge commission or offer wider spreads than traditional Forex accounts. Other than that, Islamic Forex trading works exactly in an ordinary manner on the same trading terms as a regular Forex account.


Choose from three different forex trading Islamic accounts*.


How to open an Islamic account?

Step 01

Verify your account

Fill out the online application form and verify your identity.

Step 02

Fund your trading account.

Start with adding funds to your account.

Step 03

Start with adding funds to your account.

Voila! You are all set to apply for an Islamic forex trading account!

frequently asked questions

Islamic forex account FAQs

Islamic or Swap-Free forex traders account is a 100% halal account offered to those who cannot receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs.

Opening a live Islamic or swap-free account at TP Global FX is simple. You need to fill out a simple online application form and provide relevant documents for verification. After a successful verification, you are ready to add funds and open your live Islamic account.

You can begin adding funds through your preferred deposit methods as soon as your account is verified and open.

At TP Global FX, the funds are separated for each client and do not intermingle with the others.

You can request the withdrawal of the funds anytime by accessing the Client Portal.

The accounts are charged with standard and raw spreads.

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