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Trading Global Indices

If you want to expand your holdings and get appreciable returns over time, trading stock indices is one of the easiest and most manageable ways. Choose from a diverse range of stock indices to make your first step into foreign markets through consulting with TP Global. You can trust us.

TP Global’s superior online market environments have made stock indices trading simple. With our expert indices analysis, you can exchange the most popular stock indices with leverage at the ease of your fingertips. All you need to do is identify your investment objectives and follow our daily market analysis, which will help you trade and boost your gains. However, please note that the leverage can also magnify your losses.

Starting with the bright side, try stock indices trading with TP Global to enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits of Indices


Focused on the 500 largest firms listed on the New York Stock Exchange, driven primarily by market capitalization.

0.01 lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Gold

Hang Seng Bank

A Hong Kong-based stock market index that is free-float-adjusted and is weighted by market capitalization.

0.01 lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Gold

Dow Jones

Dow Jones (US30) – smartly monitors the performance of 30 prime, publicly traded US-based corporations.

0.01 lot

Controls 1 Ounce of Gold


Indices Spot Contract Specifications

Benefits in

Trading Global Indices

As you start trading indices with TP Global, you can easily claim to have access to the most popular stock indices in the market. With us, you can trade spot indices on some of the world’s most active stocks, allowing you to purchase and sell indices at their spot price to achieve your goals. Start trading global stock indices today to enjoy these benefits.

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