A Daily Outlook: BTC/USD; Jan 13, 2022

Top 5 Headlines on Digital Currency:

  • The incumbent U.S. SEC chairman, Gary Gensler has cleared the air with a profound explanation of how they apply securities law to cryptos in the digital finance space – Investing.
  • About 25% of small businesses in nine countries will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, the most recent survey by Visa Inc. The survey was applied to 2,250 small business owners located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Ireland and Russia – Investing.
  • It’s been exactly 13 years to the day since computer scientist Hal Finney became the recipient of the first transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain from creator Satoshi Nakamoto – Investing.
  • Indian financial services giant Axis Bank issued a financial contract between two domestic businesses by using a government-backed blockchain platform called Secured Logistics Document Exchange (SLDE) – Investing.
  • Crypto is no longer an obscure asset class within the financial ecosystem, but a growing correlation with the stock market undercuts the “investment hedge” role of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies – IMF Research.

Technical View:

  • The BTC reverses previous losses against U.S. dollar and remains well supported above $43,500 mark.
  • The pair made intraday high at $44,078 and low at $43,440 mark.
  • Today a day chart is down and H1 chart with triple EMA suggests up trend for the time being.
  • A sustained close above $43,990 on H1 chart requires for the upside rally.
  • Alternatively, a consistent close below $43,300 on H1 chart requires for the downside rally.
$43,300 $43,990
$42,800 $44,200
$42,100 $44,650
$41,650 $44,920
$41,100 $45,500

Take a look and do trade wisely!
Good Luck